Does America Have The Best Bands?

Is the US currently the market leader in new & innovative music? For decades the creative baton has been passed across the Atlantic but right as of this moment it does appear that the USA & Canada is producing artists of a more adventurous and interesting approach that we are currently able to produce in the UK. Now, I’m not talking about chart music, I’m not even talking about tracks. This is an album thing, because I still love albums, even though the only time I get to focus properly on an album is when driving, I still love albums. But even in the current album chart look at what alternative music is crossing over into the mainstream and the difference in quality between the UK artists and the US counterparts in terms of musical output:

UK     Vs   US
The Fratellis    /   Fleet Foxes
The Ting Tings    /   MGMT
Scouting For Girls   /   Vampire Weekend
Kooks    /    Cage The Elephant

I should rest the case now as it’s a joke! New British bands have dropped the attitude, they are playing it safe, the are making records with a view to getting a spin Jo Wiley’s show rather than making music that comes from there souls. People can see right through it! And where is the innovation, whatever happened to pushing the envelope, who is taking risks. The answer is blatantly obvious, the Americans…


~ by donjenkins on November 22, 2008.

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