Daily Round Up – Monday 16/2

The Day In Music …

Pirate Bay 4 Go Into The Dock

Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi and Carl Lundström – are due in court in Sweden later today to face various copyright infringement charges relating to the infamous Pirate Bay. The four will plead not-guilty at the trial, presumably using the old defence that providing links to pirated content – rather than actually hosting it – does not amount to infringement in itself. It should be an interesting case – and will test the power of so called authorising infringement laws in a European jurisdiction.

(From CMU Newsletter whihc if you don’t get, you really should:  http://www.unlimitedmedia.co.uk/)

Omniphone to Launch Web Subscription Service

Again from CMU, the engine that is powering various mobile services including Sony Ericsson’s version of Comes With Music & Vodaphone’s download store is now looking to provide an all you can eat subscription service on the web. Their route to market is via ISP partners and all major labels are expected to be involved with the service. Here’s main man Rob Lewis on the subject, although no fixed timelines for roll out are currently being presented:

Confirming his company’s plans for MusicStation Next Generation, Omnifone top man Rob Lewis told CMU: “Tens of millions of European consumers are engaged in music piracy every day. Whilst government pressure is growing, we also need to deliver alternatives that recognise the needs and desires of the YouTube generation. With today’s announcement, Omnifone is offering consumers something better than piracy. MusicStation Next Generation gives consumers legitimate unlimited access to the world’s music, in audio and video format, direct to their living room, through set-top box or personal computer, in partnership with their ISP or cable company. Broadband providers can deliver a better music experience; a legal alternative to piracy that differentiates their consumer proposition”.

(Credit where credit is due – again CMU  http://www.unlimitedmedia.co.uk/)

 Rhapsody Subscribers Jump 25%

(From Hypebot – http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2009/02/rhapsody-subscribers-jump-25.html)

The second half of 2008 saw Rhapsody jump from 600,000 users to 750,000 in the US – the service is currently not available in the UK. The jump is likely to be the resut of partnering with MTV and a co-promo with Yahoo Music.

Seth Godin Interview (Music & The Music Industry)

A very interesting one it is too, on new Blog,  Rollo & Grady which is also recommended. Other interviews from Lefestz & Leohnard are there too. Great quote … “Digital is about to surpass the CD, and once it starts to happen it’s going to happen faster and faster and faster. The more interesting thing to me is who is going to control the playlist. If there is an infinite amount of music available – and I would argue that as soon as the amount of music available exceeds the amount of time you have in your life, that’s infinite – somebody will have the leverageable spot of deciding what to listen to next.”


And yesterday they went live with an interview with Anthony Volodkin, the architect behind the Hype Machine – arguably the consolidator of taste in the mp3 blogosphere: http://www.rollogrady.com/ . Scroll down the page and find some Iron & Wine mp3 downloads including a live version of the Sones’ Wild Horses and the seminal track ‘Sheperd’s Dog.

Chris Anderson On Giving It Up For Free

There’s a Chris Anderson (Godfather of The Long Tail) interview in the Wall Street Journal where he discusses given things away for free as a future business model. I must get around to reading this, but first I have more free shit to get:


Online Radio Attracting More Listeners

There seems to have been a big jump in online radio listeners as reported by Hypebot (http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2009/02/online-music-radio-listening-jumps-36.html) who are quoting a 36% increase according to Accustream. AOL Shoutcast is reporting a 53% market share in this area.

New Music

Hype Machine are currently showing the 10 most popular tracks as all being remix or club related. The crookers remix of the appalling U2 track ‘Get On Your Boots’ is at No. 1, the new prodigy is in there as are Simian Mobile Disco. Plus remixes of tracks by Nirvana, Britney Spears, Tiga and spalshed throughout. Other bands getting a lot of blog attention today are Royksopp – back with new material for the first time in ages,  The Cramps following the death of frontman Lux Interior last week, Empire Of The Sun, Little Boots & M.I.A. ( congratulations to her on becoming a mum). Most popular mp3 blog of the moment is Music Is Art (http://musicisart.ws/)


Check out Marina & The Diamonds. First tracks are just emerging via the blogs after being first touted by Good Weather For Airstrikes last year. Kind of a quirky, welsh Kate Bush but with a style all of her own. Download the brilliant ‘Obsessions’ from music ramen now – http://www.musicramen.com/2009/02/10/obsessions-by-marina-and-the-diamonds/




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One Response to “Daily Round Up – Monday 16/2”

  1. “I must get around to reading this, but first I have more free shit to get” LOL

    The free business model that Chris Anderson and the like tend to push has some downsides. Ubiquitous advertising is a much higher cost to pay than the price of a few MP3s or a sub to rhapsody IMO. Personally I’m happy to fork out some cash to avoid a) ads and b) other people’s lame bitrates, tracks cut in half, fubar ID3 tags and the multiple repeated downloads necessitated by them, not to mention all the false search results and other havoc they play with my media library.

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