Today In Music – Tuesday 17th

Trinity Street Crashed & Burns

Trinity Street, a long-standing name in the world of music marketing, and more recently a leading name in artist-to-consumer e-commerce platforms, has announced it is to cease trading with immediate effect. Among the music companies to utilise Trinity Street’s e-commerce solutions were EMI, Universal, Ministry of Sound and NME, while artists such as Robbie Williams, Snow Patrol and Oasis outsourced their online stores to the company.

Full story in the CMU newsletter.

Sky Subscription Service Coming

Quoting the Coolfer …

British telecom provider BSkyB has announced its will offer an Omnifone-powered music service that will give subscribers unlimited downloads and streaming for a monthly fee. As with all next-generation music services that are supposed to provide a path to the future, this one has DRM. Users will be able to purchase DRM-free tracks separately. So….there only difference between this and existing subscription services is the billing procedure.

From Coolfer Blog –

Defiant Pirates

One of the defendants in the Pirate Bay trial is twittering from the courtroom and making defiant statements likeHow the hell did they think this was going to be something else than EPIC FAIL for the prosecution? We’re winning so hard.” You can follow the in court action straight from the dock here: . The labels are asking for $13 million in compensation.

Portishead Out Of Deal & Ask Fans What To Do

Geoff from Portishead has confirmed on his myspace blog that Portishead are now free of label commitments (for the moment). And he goes on to ask if anyone has any bright ideas on how they should sell their music in the future to get in touch … Answers not on a postcard I guess! And the inside track is that it really is Geoff on the myspace blog so if you have got any pearls of wisdom, just write back …

Portsihead’s Myspace Blog

Three Strikes & Your Out in New Zealand 

At the end of this month New Zealand will be adopting a similar law to the French when dealing with copyright infringers. Some kind of 21st anarchist collective is making a protest by blacking out their twitter profiles – that’s going to work then. More of this nonsense and other insight on The Register:

Recommended – The Airborne Toxic Event

They’ve been blowing up on the blogs for the majority of last year.  LA’s Airborne Toxic Event are a band worth looking out for. Like all indie band’s, you will doubtless hear elements of their record collections seeping through but this is a great track, it builds really well and has some excellent string work going on.


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