Daily Music Update – Wed 18th

Amazon Not Kicking iTunes’ Arse

A bit old and obvious this one, but someone has at least put some speculative numbers behind Amazon’s first yeat in the download business. Whilst none of the majors have released a sales figures, Billboard Magazine have put an 8% market share on Amazon’s first year, comparable with a 70% share that iTunes have been maintaining.

Full Feature on All Things Digital

Band Pay Fans To Download Album

Indie band Officer Roseland are paying their fans $1 to download their new album. Is that because they can’t even give it away or because of a satirical punk twist on a stimulus package:  http://mystimuluspackage.org/stimulus/

Half Of Charges Dropped in Pirate Case (but IFPI Still Expect Them To Hang)!

As is being widely reported across the Internet, many of the initial charges against the Pirate Bay 4 have been dropped in order to focus on the one that the plaintiffs reckons will work. In what IFI describes as a ‘simplification’ the defendants are being pursued for charges relating to “assisting making available copyrighted content”. Bang to rights I say, Let ‘Em Dangle!

And Finally From CMU (& especially for my friend Pat) …TORY LEADER APOLOGETIC ABOUT BEING A SMITHS FAN
Tory leader David Cameron has confirmed that he is a Smiths fan, but did so rather apologetically because he thinks that Morrissey wouldn’t be pleased to hear it, and he’s probably right. Speaking to the BBC’s ‘One Show’ on which the former Smiths singer was appearing, Cameron said: “I’m sure when Morrissey finds that he’s getting an endorsement from the leader of the Conservative Party, he will think ‘Heaven knows I’m miserable now’. But I’m a big fan, I’m afraid. Sorry about that”. Morrissey’s response was surprisingly tight lipped: “It’s difficult to make comment because you might hurt people’s feelings”.

Recommended – Bon Iver

Allegedly this album was recorded by one man in a log cabin in Montana with only bears for company. Anyway, after failling to make a dent with his previous punk band, Mr Iver went solo and came up with possibly one of the most stark yet brilliant acoustic album I’ve ever heard . Probably a genius!

Download six live tracks from Rollo Grady


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