Daily Round Up – Friday 20/2

U2 Album Leaks

In what is by now, the time honoured tradition of major releases being available weeks ahead of their official (and defunct) physical release.  This follows on from similar episodes around the Coldplay, Jay-Z etc. etc.  It does beg the question as to where pre-promotion currently fits into the bigger scheme of things. For so long week one figures have dictated on-going marketing strategy. Maybe its time to think about how to build an album and make week 5 & 15  figures stronger.

What Pirates Look Like

Solidarity brothers, that’s what we need to stick it to the man. These people are making their faces known online in support of the Pirate Bay 4 in protest against “yet another attempt by the movie and music industries to stop technological innovation and development by force” 


NME On Punk Rock Pirates

The NME has published their own version of the Pirate Bay 4 Trial, claiming them to be punk rock revolutionaries. Do there mums know that they’ve been hiding servers all over the world and using their mobile phones in court?

Write On …

Daniel Ek in Telegraph Interview

Daniel Ek, founder & CEO of Spotify, had been talking to the Telegraph about the service, licensing, technology and hints at what comes next. Given the ad-funded model and the ridiculous £10 a month subscription for a non-portable service, then Mr Ek better have something good up his sleeve to make money before the VC patience runs out. Nice piece of kit though it is …

Part One

Part Two

Digital Companies & Labels

Did you think I was being harsh on Spotify’s ad-funded hopes & dreams.  Then run the numbers, fortunately for the likes of me Paid Content have done just that. This is an excellent piece on the current state of play between content owners & content users, particularly digital start-ups. This essay shows how it may be difficult for even YouTube to make money given the current deals for ad funding that are on the table. Oh right, Spotify have ‘Mood Targetting’, get the fuck out of here …


Dell Moves Into Downloads

Dell has opened its first download shop in the UK, France & Germany. Its an a la carte service priced at 79p per download. Who came up with that figure anyway?.


Who came up with that figure may well get named in a forthcoming book by Steve Knopper entitled ‘Appetite For Self Destruction’.

Pre-Order From Amazon

Recommended – Friendly Fires

So you must have come across this lot by know, its an indie disco mashup of a band but this time with class running right through it. If ‘Paris’ & ‘Jump In The Pool’ missed you then jump on now with the wicked new single and genius stick man video. XL just do it time & time again, what do they feed their A&R people on down there?

Oh fuck it, here’s those other two as well …


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