Daily Round-Up 23/2

New U2 Album on Spotify – Exclusive Guardian Tie-in

It seems that although U2 went with myspace in the US to stream their album exclusively online, in the UK they’ve gone with the Guardian exclsuively using Spotify to deliver, both are ahead of the actual album release.  Actually its their best record in ages! Well maybe …


Last FM – Stool PIgeon For The RIAA (Alledgedly …)

According to Techcrunch, Last FM handed over data on their users who were in possesin of the leaked U2 album tracks. Here’s the killer anonymous quote …

“I heard from an irate friend who works at CBS that last.fm recently provided the RIAA with a giant dump of user data to track down people who are scrobbling unreleased tracks. As word spread numerous employees at last.fm were up in arms because the data collected (a) can be used to identify individuals and (b) will likely be shared with 3rd parties that have relationships with the RIAA.”

There is obviously debate over whether this happened or not, but the pointis that is you ‘scrobble’ you are in effect making known to Last FM, their users & ‘other organisations’. So not only is that a problem is you are listening to pirated pre-release albums, but also a total fucking disaster if you happen to have had a sneaky listen to ‘The Best Of Bread’ recently ;0)

Full Article Here

What’s EMI Worth Today

According to Hypebot, Guy Hands bought out two co-investors in the EMI group for $0.00 – alledgedly ;0)

Hypebot Article

Teens Prefer Music To Sex & Want It For Free

Yeah right! But according to a recent survey of UK 16-19 year olds, they would prefer to go without sex for a week rather than music … 61% also thought that they shouldn’t have to pay for music. An estimated half of their music collections has not been paid for. Kids Eh! Other interesting stats include radio being a couple of points ahead of friends recommendations when it comes to discovering new acts. I guess someone has to hear it first somewhere!


And Finally … Jamacian Radio Bans Daggering Music

The daggering dance craze that is sweeping Jamaica is causing concern to the ruling classes who have now banned music with explicit sexual references from the aiwaves. For a closer look at daggering, head over to the Daily Swarm – an excellent blog!



For those who like the rock fast & full of synths, check out Turbowolf at 93 Feet East this Wednesday night – onstage at 9.15pm. Also on the bill are the hotly tipped Computer & Ghost Frequency.


~ by donjenkins on February 23, 2009.

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