Daily Round Up – 24/2

We7 Tie In With NME

(From CMU) The ad-funded download and streaming site We7 have announced a partnership with NME. Streams relevant to the content that NME are writing about will be delivered free to the consumer via the We7 widget.

3 Strikes & You’re Out Arrives in New Zealand Next Month

(Also from CMU) The New Zealand parliament have approved the new ruling on repeated copyright infringers similar to the system that is now active in France. The main difference between the two set ups is that in France there is a government body who handle all the administration around the process, whereas in New Zealand, the government have left all of this to a common code of practice between ISPs.  Elsewhere, Irish ISP have adopted this practice voluntarilary and have also from today banned access to Pirate Bay.

Eminem Sues Universal Over His Cut Of New Revenues

Many would herald this as the first time the artist community has stood against the label in regard to exactly how much they get paid from services like iTunes, mobile carriers etc. Its day One of Eminem Vs. Universal. Eminem who had the highest selling download recently (albeit for a week) is in dispute over the digital cash. This may include where the artist’s portion of those big advances that labels have been taking from new digital services.

New EMI Chief Calls To Stop The Download Flood

“In England we know there is a lot of water and content filtering wastefully through the pipes across the country. The pipe owner has a responsibility to close the holes.”  Says Elio Leoni-Sceti, new Chief Executive of EMI Music.  More on this and his view of EMI’s current financial poistion on The Times.

New Survey – Pirates Still Pirating

According to a new survey by the ISP Tiscali, 46% of online consumers are using either Limewire or a Bitorrent site to access copyright infringing content. The message came back that the music industry just is not doing enough. And in the pirating dilemma that has been lost in the ether of many of the ongoing discussions, the most avid pirates are also amongst the highest spending consumers in terms of CD purchases and gig tickets. Full feature on Brand Republic

iTunes Dips Its Little Toe in Subscription

In a promotion with EMI and their new / old signing Depeche Mode,  iTunes are making what is in effect a subscription offer for the forthcoming content roll out surrounding the new DM album.  Depeche Mode fans can pay $18.99 per month and get

“…new and exclusive singles, remixes, video and other content from their favorite artists over a set period of time, delivered to their libraries as soon as they’re available. [They] will also receive the new album on its street date plus great music and video exclusives before and after the album’s release over the next fifteen weeks.”

More comment here & here

And Finally … Simon Cowell To Be Cryogenically Frozen

(A classic from CMU …) Simon Cowell intends to be cryogenically frozen on the pronouncement of his death. Allegedly at a dinner with the PM, he told guests ““I have decided to freeze myself when I die. You know, cryonics. You pay a lot of money and you get stuck in a deep freeze once you’ve been declared dead. Medical science is bound to work out a way of bringing us back to life in the next century or so, and I want to be available when they do. I would be doing the nation an invaluable service”. That’s something for future generations to look forward to.


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