Daily Round Up 25/2

Last FM Slams TechCrunch

“Techcrunch are full of shit” that is the word from Last FM top man Richard Jones regarding the allegation that data on users was handed over to the RIAA over the U2 album leak.

Full post here

Burnham Goes International Against Music Pirates

Andy Burnham, UK Culture Sectretary, told the Guardian today that he was looking to obtaining a combined international approach between the EU & the USA to combat music piracy online. He talks of a 5 prong approach being adopted and pushed for the music industries and ISPs to work closer together and aim for a 70% – 80% reduction in the level of copyright infringing content being downloaded.

Full Article

Eminem Case Hots Up

I don’t understand why this case isn’t getting more attention online, guess its early days. Where there to be a precendent determined here, the labels are potentially massively exposed to large payouts to their artists for sales activity in the digital space. In fact the very nature of royalties in the new digital economy is being challenged.  Eminem’s publishing company is claiming $1.6 million in unpaid revenues on digital sales.

The crux of the matter is whether digital sales fall under the licesning part of an artist contract (often paid on a 50% equal split) or whether they fall under the distribution part of the artist contract (whereby the artist royalty is more like 20% as per a CD sale from a high street store).

No doubt when Jimmy Iovine & Steve Jobs take the stand, interest will significantly pick up!

Guardian Article Here

EMusic – The Internet’s Corner Music Store

From Hypebot … “eMusic has launched a new marketing campaign rebranding itself as the “internet’s corner music store” where music discovery is enhanced by community and word of mouth. Integration with Facebook Connect and a  free download widget help power the intiative.

Facebook With links added to its site, eMusic subscribers using Facebook Connect can publish their eMusic activities onto the popular social networker.  With a single click users can post album ratings, reviews, and artist links to their Facebook profile and friends’ Facebook news feeds.”

Full Hypebot Article


In a slight twist from my artist recommendations, I thought I’d publicise a couple of Spotify playlists I’d put together – part one and two of my extremely reflective ‘Songs Made Of Wood’ series. Enjoy them whilst the service lasts …

Songs Made Of Wood – Part One

Songs Made Of Wood – Part Two


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