Daily Round Up 18/3 – From Texas

Its the first official day of SXSW today, although the music had already started in the myriad of bars on 6th Street last night. If you’ve not been before imagine Midem vs. Reading vs. in a city that plays host almost exclsuively to new and emerging artists (having said that though, I’m looking forward to Devo on Friday). I’d also recommend the Death Metal Pizza Place on 6th Street for a quick & loud snack.

Here’s a few upfront recommendations:

Bang Bang Eche – New Zealand Nu-Rave – nah not quite, that term is so 2008 ;0) Great set last night at the ‘Freinds’ bar. Expect more shows, mad synths, fast beats, the odd pigbag bassline and Pil era Lydon style vocals.

Fighting With Wire – Label, Small Town America have always had impeccable rock taste. This time they’ve hit the nail squarely on the head with FWW whose playing skills & passion are only matched by their ability to construct excellent songs. Check Sugar out on the myspace – its a smash. Playing 11 shows here, good luck with that!

Turbowolf – Sharing the Clash Party Bill with FWW tomorrow, Turbowolf will bring their distinct Hell & Roll flavour to the SXSW proceedings. If you haven’t caught this lot live yet, then your ears may well issue proceedings against you! check them at:

18/3 – Jackalope, Austin (10pm)

18/3 – BD Rileys, Austin (1am)

19/3 – Relentless Party (with Gallows & Juliet Lewis) @ The Dirty Dog, Austin (12.30pm)

20/3 – Whoopsy Party, Austin

21/3 – Lovejoys, Austin (4pm)

Diane Birch – For a distinctly mellower vibe, get seduced by the beautiful voice of Diane Birch. Whilst I miss her  ‘Sweet River Tree’ era and the material seems to have taken on a more mainstream feel of late, she still has an exquisite voice and well worth a bit of ear-time amongst the prevailling rock wind that blows down 6th Street. Today at the Tap Tap room at 6pm.

So what’s going on in the world outside of Austin … Well at least the lefsetz Vs. Simmons nonsense of last week has bloan over. Why did Bob do that, lowering himself to the level of a fucking Kiss wanker and trying to debate with somebody who has a god complex without any foundation whatsoever. Is this lefsetz self-seeking his own publicity, last week was hardly building a campfire in the woods was it Bob? I’m grateful to say that normal service has been resumed and thanks to Bob for tipping the world off to the scandal that is Scalping – Trent Reznor weighs in here:


7Digital & Songbird Tie-Up

The UK download platform has tied up with new music 2.0 service Songbird – for those who don’t know, Songbird is an open source music player in beta that brings in added value content based on your library including ticket sales and youtube videos and the such like – now with 7Digital mp3 downloads included.

Spiral Frog Dying On It Arse

Ad-funded download service, Spiral Frog  is to come offline next week (according to CMU – I quote) … Following recent rumours of cashflow problems and pending loan repayment deadlines, CNet is now reporting that founder and chairman Joe Mohen has told associates that he may have to hand the company over to investors in the next few days, and that as a result the ad-funded music website may go offline as soon as next week.

What’s more interesting though is that last week at CMU, a very eminent digital specialist announced from the conference stage that the entire online advertising industry was worth around $30 billion dollars. That’s the entire cake.  So go figure, how are these services every going to bring in serious dollars for content owners in any real way other than the huge advances that these services are parting with to be legal and go live. Ad-funded music looks like it could only generate $1 billion to rights owners in terms of real throughput whilst simultaneously cannibalizing higher value sales from a la carte services. Can I go on record now as saying that despite my best intentions to embrace new models, Ad-funded Music Services are a complete fucking joke – bad consumer experience, not commercially viable and only flavour of the month because of the one-time greasing of palms that they have been doing. Spotify will be next year’s casualty.

Why does everyone think that Google has just taken its toys home and decided to not play with the PRS! Its because Youtube is an ad-funded service that depsite its vast scale is still uncommercial at the level under which Google acquired it – its not delivering project ad revenues and the PRS want more of the share, that’s a fight they nor UK Music can win. Google’s fuck ’em attitude now leaves the PRS with no real alternative than to strike a lower deal. Watch this space I guess …

More Google

“disconnection is a heavy penalty for infringement, and runs counter to the benefits of a free and open internet

And now the ‘boss of the internet’ Google is stepping into the three strikes debate. I say fuck them! I’m totally fed up with all this hippy shit that floats around about how the internet should be free and open whilst artist continue to take it up the arse. Now that doesn’t go to say that that I want to protect a CD retail environment that is already screwed or that labels have been adopting the right strategy in the digital space to turn a much higher net profit format (a download) into a higher revenue generator. That’s the game they should be in and we need a lot more carrot in the market to achieve that, plus a lot more education (or shall we call that effective marketing of services as there hasn’t been any) plus we need to move on from ‘New Models’ and start focussing on the cash that they could generate in the coming three years – and that’s a la carte. But we also need some stick, so after long thought I am now fully french. If an internet user simply won’t migrate across to the ever increasing myriad of paid & ‘free’ services after repeatingly being told that he is fucking artists in the arse the FUCK THEM – disconnect!

I’ve heard that Google’s Chinese ad-funded download model is not pulling them over from the illegal space so why would they pitch into a debate in New Zealand where the govenrment is trying to look after  artists. I happy to be corrected on the China statement – does anyone have any numbers?


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