Daily Update – 26/03

Is Spotify Increasing Piracy ?

That’s an interesting question.  Having spent a while listening in on some consumer research sessions, it became apparent that many people who use Spotify have now decided not to spend anything on music or worse, online software to rip the music out of spotify are becoming well used.  Go here

More comment here from Word Magazine


And to my current knowledge there isn’t an ad-funded service that is currently generating lots of revenue for the music industry outside of the heavyweight advances that services like Spotify or yesterday’s men Spiral Frog handed out.

EMI in Chaos

(From CMU) According to Fox News, Guy Hands and the investment company Terra Firma have all but abandoned hope of turning EMI around and have left the company in chaos, highlighted by the recent loss of Doug merrill, the google new media man who had come in less than a year ago to re-model its digital business, here’s the quote from Friedman of Fox:

“EMI is in turmoil. Guy Hands, who bought the company with his Terra Firma firm, has pretty much bailed on the deal and is gone from running the company. Terra Firma has written off its investment in EMI and, not knowing what to do or particularly caring, has left the former music giant in a muddle. The result is chaos, sources say, within the EMI hierarchy. Just recently, Douglas Merrill, the head of EMI Digital, left his post after less than a year”.

US ISPs Issue Letters

Three of the biggest US ISPs have started to issue warning letters to their customers who are ‘pirating’ copyrighted files on the Internet. They include AT&T (T), Comcast (CMCSA), and Cox (COX). Although the action is without ‘teeth’ in so much as there is no agreement or intention to cozy up to the RIAA and actually disconnect these customers, warning letter have been proving to be effective in migrating some casual p2p users (or the parents thereof) into a legal setting. S

So whilst I advocate again that we should all go French and implement a 3 strike system, I do applaud this ‘dumb pipes’ in the US starting to take an active role in allowing the theft of music artists’ livelihoods on their networks.

Lars & Record Labels

Lars Ulrich from Metallica has been talking about the role (or lack of role) that a record label may play in Metallica’s future. He said that given the primary function of a label to be a bank and that is something a successful act like Metallica doesn’t need. Lars talks a lot aboyt Trent Reznor who is THE artist shining light of going direct to your fans and Metallica will be gigging with him this summer. Meanwhile if you were lucky enough to be at SXSW, you’d be aware that the band ripped the roof off of the Stubbs venue in front of 1500 fans playing a killer set of Metallica standards to celebrate the launch of their Guitar Hero game.

Officially Free Downloads

Marilyn Manson is releasing a free download on his website tomorrow. The track ‘We’re From America’ is taken from his forthcoming album ‘TheHigh  End Of Low’ which is out 26th May.  And on a similar note, the first new Kasabian track  ‘Vlad The Impaler’ is available on their website on 31st March, taken from the forthcoming album ‘The West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’.

Google’s Head Of Music Interview

Check out the Music Void – good site! There’s a series of interviews with digital music players. Here’s the latest from David Eun, head of music for Google. This tight lipped piece offers no insight into Google’s strategy whatsoever …



New music startup Mixtape.Me is online. Despite the kicking that mixtape got and the fact that half the majors are still suing project playlist, Mixtape.Me is diving into the seemingly shark infested waters of unlicensed playlist services. The spin here is that you can create your playlists from pulled content from blos, seqpod, artists sites etc. and organise them in an iTunes-esque jukebox.

Finally … Music Discovery Sites

Last FM doing your head in, Pandora feeding you shit … Inspired Magazine have put 20 other music discovery sites in one handy list


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