SXSW – Part One

Did Bill Hicks come from Austin? Is that why that town is so fucking cool? The sun is out in so were the guitar bands in abundance. I’ve never been to SXSW before, so the sheer weight of music on offer is overwhelming. Its like myspace has become a real place and consequently finding the great bands in a sea of mediocrity is going to be a challenge but a rewarding one. So here is how my musical days panned out …

Turbowolf – Opening with a bang, the punk come metal come synth assault of Turbowolf is a must-see rock experience. Singer, Chris Georgiadis, is the charismatic delux punk rock LV and the band backing his moustache’d snarl are as tough as a tough thing sat between a rock and a hard place .  Making fans with every show, this lot are most certainly on the way up …  Recommended Track –  ‘Seven Severed Heads”

Danananackroyd – The punky Scottish five piece indcusing two drummers brought their slightly derranged jangly punk rock to Austin in fine style. Including the fake death of two of the band mid-set. Deservedly getting a lot of attention. I remain unconvinced that they have the songs to go all the way but its the ride that counts with lot.

Fighting With Wire – Really good Belfast three-piece delivered an excellent set. Out of the exquisite Small Town America Records and now gracing the boardrooms of Atlantic Records, this lot could find their way getting all the attention they deserve in due course.

Juliet Lewis & The New Romantiques – Juliette Lewis is an amazing performing. Its just her new band don’t have the same intensity of the licks that she thrived on and this all feels a little forced. I want to like it,  I’ve tried to like it but its hard work. All a bit seshmo and despite her giving it her all, the rest weren’t there for her.

Gallows – OK, so here’s the thing with Gallows. As a relentless hit of aggression they are in the premier league but as songwriters, they wouldn’t make the local sunday afternoon pub team. I saw them twice at SXSW, the second time was purely accidental.  On both occasions they did the same thing which is play very fast, scream a lot, jump into the audience and punch people. There best song is ‘Staring At The Rude Boys’, a Ruts cover, if only they could write ’em like this eh! They’d be worth the time I’ve spent writing this paragraph.

Jaguar Love – They were great, kind of like a mash up of Suicide, Carter USM & the Pet Shop Boys with a derange singer who sounds like a girl – in a good way mind you. This is a new band from the singer of the Blood Brothers, and they had some brilliant songs. The best one of which I can’t find and don’t know the title of – it’ll have to stay as the one that got away.

Six More Tomorrow …





~ by donjenkins on March 26, 2009.

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