Music Round Up

Beyonce Hoax Video

Hats off to Matthew Zeghibe, a  26 year-old computer arts student from Connecticut who yesterday set the internet alight with his bastardisation of a recent Beyonce live performance. Through his cunning manipulation, her vocals were transformed from the ‘hottest bitch in the game’ to the screechiest of chalkboards your ever likely to hear. Very funny …

Found on the Waynes World Blog – Mr Rosso is highly recommended!


RIAA Settle The Santangelo Case

Give me strength! The RIAA took $7000 as settlement against the Santangelo family in New York. The children were upstairs downloading a thousand tracks off Kazaa so the RIAA spent four years and a huge sum of money taking their parents to court. They’ve just settled – hurrah. Wankers!


Universal Signs Up To People’s Music Store

People’s Music Store added its first major, Universal to its catalogue. The site allows consumers to build their own download shops has to date been an indie only affair in the UK. Here’s my store …



~ by donjenkins on April 29, 2009.

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