I’m certainly no expert, so this post goes out to anyone who can enlighten me further…

What I am though is a massive dub reggae fan and for decades my interest has been in the classic cuts of the 1970s. However, the weekend gone I was in The Thekla in Bristol and was exposed to the full force of a banging dubstep track through a club PA system. To be honest I’d been ignoring this genre as another in a long line of UK black club music that did nothing for me. I’ve never been big on drum & bass, garage was lost on me, grime had its moments certainly (I actually signed Marvin The Martian whilst at NoCarbon Records – commercially unsound move but musically wonderful), and bassline was, well that was garage in disguise right!

Now, no doubt the people making dubstep now are big fans of all of those sub-genres but there’s something entirely more fullfilling about the music they are making than anything in ages. Again, Bristol appears to be at the forefront of the movement as it so often is. For me, its the fact that one foot is firmly placed in dub that is doing it, its got the same lilting edge as those classics from the 70s but with a 21st century bass assault that when played at club volume is a joy to behold.

Like I say, I’m no expert, so if anyone can point me in the direction of the best dubstep tunes around – please do. Or if you have a site, blog, youtube video, club night etc. drop the link to don@thedownloader.co.uk and I’ll do a follow up post to spread the word further.

In the meantime, here’s a spotify playlist of the minimal selection I was able to find there:

And finally, a bit of Chase & Status giving it some dubstep business … Chase & Status seem to effortlessly combine everything that’s good about all the genres discussed and make it their own. The album ‘More Than A Lot’ came out at the end of last year and is a truly brilliant album. I’d love to hear an albums worth of dubstep remixes from these guys – again, if you know of such a thing, please do help me on my way …


~ by donjenkins on May 5, 2009.

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