New Music On A Friday

The Dead Weather


So is there a cooler rock chick on planet earth than Alison Mosshart – I think not. She exudes brilliance without ever having to try.The Dead Weather is her collaboration with Jack White who is playing drums. They hit London next month playing the Forum on 24th June – I can’t wait.

Cause=Time have the track ‘Hang You From The Heavens’

Music like Dirt have the ‘Are Freinds Electric’ cover

Both are excellent !!!


Dark Night Of The Soul

This is the forthcoming Dangermouse & Sparklehorse collaboration that features a host of guest vocalists including Wayne Coyne, Julian Casablancas, Black Francis and loads more. I am genuinely looking forward to BUYING this album – however, there seems to be some confusion over how this album will be distributed. I read somewhere (and am struggling to find where it is now) that they were releasing a book of associated photography and liner notes with a blank CD in it as there is some label legal crap preventing the release of recordings. If anyone can fill me in on exactly what the sketch is I’d love to know. From the 5 tracks that I’ve managed to hear on blogs so far, this is one classy affair … The whole thing is tied in with David Lynch … I should do more research, here’s a teaser …


Turbowolf – Read & Write

Easily my favourite rock band of the moment. Hence why I manage them !! So I’ll spare you a gushing review of the AWESOME SINGLE that they are releasing on 15th June and just give you the facts …

1. Played on the beach at The Great Escape This Morning – the Sky actually darkened in time for their set.

2. Playing at Concorde 2 at TGE tomorrow at 8pm

3. Recorded their single in the same room as Kate Moss was filmed snorting cocaine.

4. Confirmed for Download Festival 14th June – on the Turborg Stage – its not confirmed but some say that the stage name was inspired by Turbowolf

5. Radio 1 Session will be broadcasted on 15th June


Bits & Bobs …

Loving the pop single called ‘Black Magic’ by the Magic Wands. Don’t really know too much about this lot but the video was devo-esque so that’s a winner …

Like MGMT – lite but with great songs, Empire of the Sun continue their sketchy pop brilliance. One day when their band’s balls drop they could be amazing. But in the meantime I do wonder if there is about to be an acid revival. I don’t mean some kind of rave cobblers but I mean actually dropping acid … When of the kids must have the formula …

I couldn’t care less about Bob Dylan’s new album but this video is great …

Is that Jim Keltner playing drums on this track? Now He really is a genius …


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