More New Music

So  now I’m in the mood, here’s a bunch more brilliant tracks that are floating about …

Wave Machines

Where’s my punk spirit? That’s a good question. Am I too old to have any punk spirit left – maybe. Anyway, yet to be convinced by this lot overall, that might take a bit longer. meanwhile this is an excellent song …

Danny Byrd

In general, I couldn’t give a fuck about drum and bass – I’m even from Bristol ;0) Right now Hospital Records are responsible for some of the most innovative D&B of the day and Danny Byrd is at the forefront of their creativity. And I love this …

Florence + The Machine

Absolutely loving the Florence album. Possibly my favourite of the year so far. She is such a fantastic stage performer too. I’d expect her to be around for a very long time …


Unusual that France has delivered a world beating indie band in Phoenix. If yu haven’t caught up with this lot yet, then its essential listening for 2009.

White Rabbits

I actually saw Adam & The Ants play in the Bristol Locarno in 1980. You had to take your martins off to get in back then and pogo in your sox. Why is that relevant? Because White Rabbits have re-puposed the drumming on Dog Eat Dog for their track Percussion Gun. And I love it, don’t know much more about them but I intend to find out.

Animal Collective

Electronica in a blissed out psychedelic way like the  Beach Boys on X without a singing capabilities. Here’s My Girls from Coachella to round things off …


~ by donjenkins on August 8, 2009.

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