Best Trax Of October So Far !!

Julian Cassablancas – 11th Dimension

Brilliant new single from JC which shows the Strokes singer in more of a New order light. On paper that doesn’t work, but in your ears its amazing!

While I was surfing Youtube, I found this great version of Walk On The Wild Side. I can’t wait to here casablancas album ‘Phazes For The Young’ could be one of the best of the year.

Thom Yorke – Feeling Pulles Apart By Horses

I got to see this band. What a lineup. That unmistakeable head movement of the bass play !! When Thom When?

Volcano Choir – Island Is

I wouldn’t recommend tha album as a lot of ‘Unmap’ is very hard work. But it has flashes of brilliance en route , ‘Island Is’  being one.

Very much looking forward to a second Bon Iver album, so just to remind everyone who good the first one is, I’ve add another video below …

Fire – Lupe Fiasco

And finally, the fucking awesome new tune by Lupe Fiasco who has the good grace to let Jimi himself take the chorus. I can’t help but think that Hendrix would have loved this!


~ by donjenkins on October 19, 2009.

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