Turbowolf New Single – Lets Die

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It’s been an AMAZING year for TURBOWOLF…and there’s more to come!

Early 2009 saw this genre-bending rock’n’roll noiseband blasting their way around Canada and the States, culminating in no less than NINE shows at SXSW in Texas.

As well as touring the UK with The Computers, Turbowolf have also been busy on the festival circuit, getting rave reviews for their performances at the likes of Offset, Download and The Great Escape. In June of this year they released the single READ & WRITE, which not only appeared on KERRANG!’s Top Ten playlist, but also saw them getting fantastic support from Radio 1, with Dan Carter a confirmed fan, and Rob De Bank getting them along to record their first Radio 1 session for him!

The band are currently recording their debut album: But before that, ‘Let’s Die’ is released on Nov 23.

And here’s the wolf in action …

Ancient Snakes by Turbowolf
Download now or listen on posterous

01 Ancient Snakes.mp3 (2816 KB)


Best Trax Of October So Far !!

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Julian Cassablancas – 11th Dimension

Brilliant new single from JC which shows the Strokes singer in more of a New order light. On paper that doesn’t work, but in your ears its amazing!

While I was surfing Youtube, I found this great version of Walk On The Wild Side. I can’t wait to here casablancas album ‘Phazes For The Young’ could be one of the best of the year.

Thom Yorke – Feeling Pulles Apart By Horses

I got to see this band. What a lineup. That unmistakeable head movement of the bass play !! When Thom When?

Volcano Choir – Island Is

I wouldn’t recommend tha album as a lot of ‘Unmap’ is very hard work. But it has flashes of brilliance en route , ‘Island Is’  being one.

Very much looking forward to a second Bon Iver album, so just to remind everyone who good the first one is, I’ve add another video below …

Fire – Lupe Fiasco

And finally, the fucking awesome new tune by Lupe Fiasco who has the good grace to let Jimi himself take the chorus. I can’t help but think that Hendrix would have loved this!

More New Tracks

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Massive Attack – Splitting The Atom

The anthem for the end of the summer, Massive Attack are back. Don’t know much about the new EP but if this is anything to go on then we’re in for something special. Really good to hear G back on vocals – its been over ten years after all !

Turbowolf – Ancient Snake

Sticking in Bristol, Turbowolf are putting around a new track called Ancient Snake. Is that a record for an unsigned band to go from recording the song to the Radio 1 Rock Show in 3 days!! Catch them live – loads of dates coming up. The best rock act in the UK you’ve never heard of.

More next time …

More New Music

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So  now I’m in the mood, here’s a bunch more brilliant tracks that are floating about …

Wave Machines

Where’s my punk spirit? That’s a good question. Am I too old to have any punk spirit left – maybe. Anyway, yet to be convinced by this lot overall, that might take a bit longer. meanwhile this is an excellent song …

Danny Byrd

In general, I couldn’t give a fuck about drum and bass – I’m even from Bristol ;0) Right now Hospital Records are responsible for some of the most innovative D&B of the day and Danny Byrd is at the forefront of their creativity. And I love this …

Florence + The Machine

Absolutely loving the Florence album. Possibly my favourite of the year so far. She is such a fantastic stage performer too. I’d expect her to be around for a very long time …


Unusual that France has delivered a world beating indie band in Phoenix. If yu haven’t caught up with this lot yet, then its essential listening for 2009.

White Rabbits

I actually saw Adam & The Ants play in the Bristol Locarno in 1980. You had to take your martins off to get in back then and pogo in your sox. Why is that relevant? Because White Rabbits have re-puposed the drumming on Dog Eat Dog for their track Percussion Gun. And I love it, don’t know much more about them but I intend to find out.

Animal Collective

Electronica in a blissed out psychedelic way like the  Beach Boys on X without a singing capabilities. Here’s My Girls from Coachella to round things off …

More on Spotify

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There has been some interesting comments floating around this week on Spotify after their appearance at The Great Escape …

So it looks highly likely that labels (and I’m presuming majors) have 30% equity in Spotify. In The Register, Andrew Orlowski rips into the service & Ek’s performance, I could quote but its worth reading in full – click here.

I’ve commented on Spotify’s viability before – I still don’t get it …

Again, its a good pice of kit, no need to subscribe then and the ads aren’t going to cover the royalty bill. Look at the numbers, Music Ally puts the figure at £100,000 per day in royalties at a rate of 9p per stream. So assuming that they have got that at half price (my arse) that’s an annual bill of over £18 million, rising to £36 million at full fat rate.

Here’s the music Ally quote …

But here’s a thought. The standard on-demand streaming payments to labels are around 0.8p per track per stream and PRS takes 0.022p per track per stream. So thats a total of 1p per stream. With 10m streams a day Spotify may be paying out GBP £100,000 a day in royalties. Given that it has been suggested that the majors all have equity in the company its possible that the labels might be extracting an unhealthy amount of royalties from the fledgling service which might eventually jeapordise the financial stability of the service.

How long will the last & what damage is this service doing to an already decimated industry with a long history of getting all theings Internet very wrong?

Quick Music Briefing …

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More Dark Night Of The Soul

Just a quick follow up to Friday’s note on the Dangermouse & Sparklehorse project. CMU are reporting today that the album has been officially shelved due to legal wranglings with EMI whihc was suspected last week. And yes, there is going to be a book version complete with David Lynch pictures and a blank CD on sale. I’ve been collecting tracks from various blogs and loving the entire feel of this record. Its got a fucked-up phsychodelic texture coupled with some awesome songs & performances – album of the year so far easily. But don’t believe me – the whole thing is being streamed on NPR – listen to it here.

Super Furry Gigs Next Week

Other than at a festival somewhere, the only place you can go & see the utterly brilliant Super Furry Animals is at Sub 29 in Cardiff on 27th, 28th & 29th May – get your skates on. Not sure if there’s a tour later in the year supporting the new album. I’ve had that in my car for the last month and have played it 4 or 5 times desperately hoping that I’ll grow to like it – I haven’t! SFA are easily one of the best bands of the last twenty years, certainly the pride of Wales, up there with Joe Calzaghe, Barry John & Dylan Thomas. So I do hope they haven’t lost their way.

The 8th Radiohead Album

The QuiteUS is reporting that Radiohead are back in sessions for what will become their 8th album – that is if it is an album (as opposed to the rumour that the body of work would be initially given away for free, one track at a time via carrier pigeon) … Read it here

Number of People Downloading Doubles

As reported by The Telegraph the number of people in the UK who are buying music downloads has double to one in ten of the population. Single sales are up 42% to 110 million during 2008. Albums also showed an increase of 65% but are still languishing at 10 million. Donwloads now account for 95% of the singles market, but for overall recording revenues, downloads only account for 10% of the market.

New Music On A Friday

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The Dead Weather


So is there a cooler rock chick on planet earth than Alison Mosshart – I think not. She exudes brilliance without ever having to try.The Dead Weather is her collaboration with Jack White who is playing drums. They hit London next month playing the Forum on 24th June – I can’t wait.

Cause=Time have the track ‘Hang You From The Heavens’

Music like Dirt have the ‘Are Freinds Electric’ cover

Both are excellent !!!


Dark Night Of The Soul

This is the forthcoming Dangermouse & Sparklehorse collaboration that features a host of guest vocalists including Wayne Coyne, Julian Casablancas, Black Francis and loads more. I am genuinely looking forward to BUYING this album – however, there seems to be some confusion over how this album will be distributed. I read somewhere (and am struggling to find where it is now) that they were releasing a book of associated photography and liner notes with a blank CD in it as there is some label legal crap preventing the release of recordings. If anyone can fill me in on exactly what the sketch is I’d love to know. From the 5 tracks that I’ve managed to hear on blogs so far, this is one classy affair … The whole thing is tied in with David Lynch … I should do more research, here’s a teaser …


Turbowolf – Read & Write

Easily my favourite rock band of the moment. Hence why I manage them !! So I’ll spare you a gushing review of the AWESOME SINGLE that they are releasing on 15th June and just give you the facts …

1. Played on the beach at The Great Escape This Morning – the Sky actually darkened in time for their set.

2. Playing at Concorde 2 at TGE tomorrow at 8pm

3. Recorded their single in the same room as Kate Moss was filmed snorting cocaine.

4. Confirmed for Download Festival 14th June – on the Turborg Stage – its not confirmed but some say that the stage name was inspired by Turbowolf

5. Radio 1 Session will be broadcasted on 15th June


Bits & Bobs …

Loving the pop single called ‘Black Magic’ by the Magic Wands. Don’t really know too much about this lot but the video was devo-esque so that’s a winner …

Like MGMT – lite but with great songs, Empire of the Sun continue their sketchy pop brilliance. One day when their band’s balls drop they could be amazing. But in the meantime I do wonder if there is about to be an acid revival. I don’t mean some kind of rave cobblers but I mean actually dropping acid … When of the kids must have the formula …

I couldn’t care less about Bob Dylan’s new album but this video is great …


Is that Jim Keltner playing drums on this track? Now He really is a genius …